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Selling your home is like being on a job interview. It takes time while continually presenting the best parts of the home. Presentation is among the key aspects that will determine how fast your home sells.
Purchasers in today’s market are looking for a good presentation. This is a good indicator that the buyer won’t have to make any repairs if they decide to purchase your home. Below we will discuss what to do when your home isn’t selling.

Work with Your Real Estate Agent to Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

You need to constantly do your best to highlight your home’s best features, instead of just hoping that the buyer sees it for themselves. Ensure your home is clean with the curtains back to let in as much natural light as possible.
When a prospective buyer initially pulls up to your home, the first thing he or she will see is your yard and curb appeal. The buyer will get a great impression right off the bat if your yard is cut and well maintained. If your yard is not well-maintained, it may immediately turn off a buyer. You can plant flowers around the pathway leading up to your home, weed the flowerbed, and make sure your grass is cut, which will look great to a prospective buyer.

Hire A Professional Stager

Likewise, you must ensure that the entryway into your home is appealing as well. Clean off the front door and sweep any leaves or trash that has accumulated on your doorstep. You can include some plants, carpets, and paintings to guarantee that your buyer gets an excellent impression.

It is possible that your home’s current décor is just not attractive to buyers looking at your home. Your home’s décor is not modern enough for your target market. You may want to consider hiring a professional stager who will be able to professionally optimize your living space to appeal to the largest number of buyers. If physically staging your home is out of your budget, there are several virtual staging options that can be utilized at a fraction of the price.

Talk with Your Agent About Lowering the Listing Price

We all know that most sellers do not want to lower their listing price. However, in some local markets, your listing price may be higher than what your market can bear. An experienced real estate agent should be able to recognize if there is a problem with your listing price and can advise you accordingly. Sometimes lowering your asking price by even just a couple of hundred of dollars can encourage more viewings for your property.

Thoroughly Clean Your Storage Spaces

It is common sense to make sure your home is clean while buyers are looking at your home, but you might want to take it a step further.
Start by decluttering your shelves and bookcases. Make your home feel as open as possible.
Next, clean out your closets and storage spaces. Buyers LOVE storage. Clearing out these spaces makes them feel more open and spacious.